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Visa Inc. Ranking Shows Patriots Fans Top the Nation in Financial Literacy

Financial Football Competition Ranks NFL Fans' Personal Finance Abilities Division Standings Show Surprising Rankings Among Long-Time Rivals

Foster City, California – January 15, 2013 – Is Patriots Nation the most financially literate NFL fan base in the nation? The current leaderboard on Visa Inc.'s Financial Football shows that fans of the New England Patriots have notched the most wins this season among the 32 NFL teams in the free online personal finance video game.

In Financial Football, players advance the ball down the field and score by correctly answering personal finance questions. Patriots fans have demonstrated their financial literacy in the 2012-2013 season by leading the league with an impressive 349 wins, followed closely by the Cowboys with 329 wins. The real-time rankings, still in flux and open to players through the Super Bowl, can be seen at:

At the divisional level, the leaderboard shows that success on the field doesn't always correspond with fans' personal financial knowledge. The AFC East is led by the league winning Patriots and the Buffalo Bills trail in second place. In the AFC North, the Steelers have a clear lead over the second place Ravens. The AFC South is topped by the Jaguars, followed closely by the Texans. The AFC West is dominated by the Broncos, with the Raiders a distant second.

In the NFC East, the Cowboys dominate, with the Giants pulling in second place. The NFC West is led by the Seahawks, who have a healthy lead over the 49ers. The bitter rivalries of the NFC North can be seen with the Packers holding on to first, with the Bears in striking distance. Finally, the Falcons rule the roost in the NFC South, ahead of the Saints, who are in second place. A full list of the divisional rankings is below.

1. New England Patriots 349
2. Buffalo Bills 186
3. New York Jets89
4. Miami Dolphins86
1. Pittsburgh Steelers266
2. Baltimore Ravens233
3. Cleveland Browns136
4. Cincinnati Bengals71
1. Jacksonville Jaguars121
2. Houston Texans 110
3. Indianapolis Colts 73
4. Tennessee Titans63
1. Denver Broncos133
2. Oakland Raiders67
3. San Diego Chargers56
4. Kansas City Chiefs 47
1. Dallas Cowboys329
2. New York Giants229
3. Philadelphia Eagles167
4. Washington Redskins116
1. Green Bay Packers268
2. Chicago Bears230
3. Detroit Lions 181
4. Minnesota Vikings116
1. Atlanta Falcons 167
2. New Orleans Saints115
3. Carolina Panthers101
4. Tampa Bay Buccaneers81
1. Seattle Seahawks133
2. San Francisco 49ers 93
3. Arizona Cardinals48
4. St. Louis Rams46

*All numbers as of 2:00 PM ET on January 14, 2013

Financial Football combines the structure and rules of the NFL with financial education questions of varying difficulty to create an innovative approach for helping people of all ages learn about money management. The game is available in English or Spanish and can be played online or ordered at no cost at

Financial Football is part of Practical Money Skills for Life ( a free, award-winning financial education program that reaches millions of people around the world each year. Launched in 1995, Practical Money Skills for Life gives educators, parents and students access to educational resources including personal finance articles, games, lesson plans, and more.

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