Financial Literacy for Everyone
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  • "I believe a course in Practical Money Skills should be a required course for all students in Middle/Junior/High School."

    Gladys Fitzhugh-Pemberton, Theodore Roosevelt High School, Washington, DC
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Guide your class in a lesson about personal finance with our free teacher's guide and Marvel comic.
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Watch the Financial Literacy Summit webcast that addressed financial literacy needs of the unbanked and underbanked
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Using the Lesson Plans

Teacherís Guide

The Teacher's Guide portions of the Practical Money Skills curriculum include five major components for each lesson:

  • Lesson Outline-- A lesson overview, including goals, lesson objectives, overheads, and activities for each section.
  • Teaching Notes-- Tips on using the section materials in a classroom situation.
  • Related Links-- Additional Internet resources related to the lesson.
  • View Student Section-- A link to the corresponding student pages for each section.

To make the Teacher's Guides quick and easy to use, we've developed icons that will serve as visual cues to let you know which activities appear in each lesson:
Please notice that the instructional activities in each of the teen lessons are "tracked" to the needs of specific age groups. You will find this indicated in each Teacherís Guide as follows:

Student Pages

The student pages of the Practical Money Skills curriculum include four major components for each lesson:

  • Student Materials-- Guides that address key concepts for the lesson.
  • Activities-- Worksheets and activities related to the lesson objectives.
  • Lesson Quiz-- Online quiz that students may take for instant results.
  • Related Links-- Additional Internet resources related to the lesson.

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