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New Guardians of the Galaxy Comic Teaches Kids About Money
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Money game on the go

Money game on the go
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tooth fairy calculator

Tooth Fairy Calculator App for Parents
See what other parents like you are leaving kids from the Tooth Fairy.
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Ongoing Financial Discussions

Ongoing Financial Discussions

It's a smart idea to sit down together annually or more often to discuss your finances. You can take that time to assess where you are, determine whether your financial goals have changed, and decide how to better meet them. Other items to discuss might include:

  • Important Documents. Do you both have access to insurance policies, wills, tax forms, bank account numbers, investment specifics and other important documents and information?
  • Current Debts and Assets. How much do you currently owe and are you paying off your debt as quickly as possible?
  • Budget. Is your current budget working well for you, or are there areas in need of adjustment? If your spending doesn't match your priorities, fine-tune your budget to get the most out of your income.
  • Goals. Revisit the financial goals you made in the past. Are you moving toward them as quickly as you'd like? Do you have any new goals to discuss with your partner?
  • Financial Vulnerability. Find the weak links in your financial armor. Do you have too much debt? Is your income secure? Do you have insufficient income to cover your spending? Identifying your financial weaknesses is the first step to strengthening your financial picture overall.
  • Responsibilities. Is your division of financial responsibilities working for both of you? If not, what can you change to ensure both partners are happy?

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