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Landing a Job

Some experts recommend you start looking for a job six to nine months ahead of time. In fact, finding work can be almost as time consuming as a full-time position. Constantly keep your eyes open for new opportunities and keep up on networking to build your list of contacts. Even if you choose not to work immediately upon graduation, itís good to have the opportunity if you change your mind.

The Resume
Your resume is often the first representation of you that employers will see. Make it stand out with smart content or an interesting design. Have a well-written resume that focuses on the skills and experience related to the specific position. If youíre lacking in work history, you can always include your education and other applicable experience along with any awards you have received that are applicable to the job. As you continue down your career path, remember to update your resume with your most current and relevant work experience.

The Cover Letter
Many employers will request a brief cover letter in addition to your resume. Even if they donít, itís probably smart to include one. The cover letter gives you the opportunity to showcase your voice and writing skills and explain relevant experience that isnít as apparent on your resume. Avoid regurgitating your resume Ė employers already have that information. For example, explain what you will bring to the company. Be specific, relevant and of course, brief.

The Interview
Preparation is key to a successful interview. Research the company as well as you can and learn about what they do and how they do it. Coming into an interview prepared not only to answer questions but to ask them shows two very important qualities every employer is looking for – a genuine interest in the company and self-confidence. Also, ask questions about the company and share the things youíve been looking into. Also, take your knowledge of the company and determine how you fit in, then discuss how your skills could help the company.

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