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Many people swear by the constant availability of delicious food, breathtaking views, nonstop entertainment and plush accommodations. Not to mention activities for both children and adults, plus free childcare. Here are some tips for getting the most cruise for the least cash:

  • Find a deal. The cruise industry is in need of passengers right now, which means there are a huge number of deals out there. Browse the sites below to find the best ones available now.
  • Choose a veteran line. When new cruise lines debut, they tend to have higher rates because of a higher demand for tickets. Save yourself some money by going with the tried and true.
  • Research the destinations. Cruise lines generally donít provide much information about port cities. To get the most out of your time in ports and to avoid expensive meals, decide on budget-friendly eats and activities by doing your pre-trip research.
  • Book early. Some lines offer special pricing for people who plan ahead. They want to book their boat. If you can help guarantee that might happen in advance, you could benefit with a cheaper price.
  • Donít double tip. Most cruise lines include tips in their fees, so make sure youíre not double tipping while on board.
  • Book spa treatments on port days. Many cruises offer discounts on port days, when most travelers are exploring off the boat. Ask in advance if these discounts are available.
  • Invite your friends. There are some cruise lines that offer discounts for big groups.


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