Mara Luquet

Personal Finance Journalist and Writer

Mara Luquet has worked in financial markets for more than 20 years. Since 2004, she has been a partner in Letras& Lucros, a publishing company. Mara is also a columnist for personal finance on CBN radio and Globo TV Globo. She is an author of books on personal finance, most recently "O Assunto é Bolsa", (The subject is the Stock market) with Carlos Alberto Sardenberg, who is also journalist from TVGlobo and CBN.

Mara lives in Brasil and works in financial education for women. She has served as Editor of Elas & Lucros Magazine, the first financial magazine for women and founder of Mulheres Endividadas (Women in Debt) S/A, a blog on CBN Portal with information for women in financial difficulties. In March 2011 Mara received the Ruth Cardoso Medal from Secretaria daJustiça e da Defesa da Cidadania de São Paulo (The Sao Paulo Ministry of Justice and Defence of Citizenship) for this work.

Letras & Lucros is a publishing company founded in 2004. The company publishes books, magazines and a multimedia platform with financial information to improve quality of life for Brazilians.

Mara is one of the editors of Legado, Elas & Lucros and Salario S/A, three financial publications focusing on different areas of the public. Letras & Lucros also works with multiples media: website, tablets and mobile phones.

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