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  Practical Money Guides - English

  Practical Money Guides - Spanish


Covering everything from credit cards to budget basics to the ins and outs of a credit history, these brochures educate consumers on the key issues of financial responsibility.

  Practical Money Skill for Life DVD  

Access expert tools and resources with this DVD, featuring K–12 lesson plans; Financial Soccer, Financial Football, and other educational video games; money guides; expert articles and videos, including Khan Academy tutorials. A complete suite of financial calculators covers a wide range of topics, from the Cost of Credit, to Saving for College.

  What's My Score Money 101
Guide for Teachers

The cost of college is shooting up every year, and so are the numbers of students who find themselves without basic financial skills. The What's My Score Money 101 Guide for Teachers includes an interactive presentation and speaker notes. Combined with the Money 101 Student Workbook (below), you have everything you need to help students understand that basic money management will help them get where they want to go.

  What's My Score Money 101
Student Workbook

For use with the Money 101 presentation (part of the Money 101 Guide for Teachers listed above), the Money 101 student workbook provides valuable hands-on tools to help students chart their way through the murky financial waters of college life.

  Practical Money Skills
FIFA Financial Soccer CD-ROM

Visa's Financial Soccer is a fast-paced, multiple-choice question game, testing players’ knowledge of financial management skills as they advance down field, and try to score goals.

  New Practical Money Skills Financial Football 2.0 CD-ROM  

Visa and the National Football League have teamed up to create the latest version of Financial Football. This version of the video game features improved audio and graphics to excite and engage students while teaching them money management skills.

  Money Metropolis  

Visa's Money Metropolis allows kids ages 7-12 to navigate a multi-dimensional world, making life decisions that will affect whether their virtual bank account shrinks or grows.

  Peter Pig's Money Counter  

Visa's Peter Pig's Money Counter allows kids ages 4-7 can to practice sorting and counting coins with the help of wise Peter Pig.

  Kids Money Guide  

Colorful lessons about saving money, spending it wisely, and setting long-term goals teach kids to be resourceful and responsible masters of their own finances.

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