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Financial Education for Everyone

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Avengers Comic Teaches Mad Money Skills

Join the Avengers and a special guest in this exciting educational comic about saving money and saving the day. The heroes team up to defeat Mole Man and his evil army, all while learning important financial skills. The action-packed comic features a budgeting worksheet, finance terms and more.


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Saving the Day is available in eight different languages. To read the comic, select a language from the dropdown menu below.

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Teacher's Resources

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Teacher's Guide

Our free teacher's guide will help you guide your class in a lesson about personal finance.

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Fantastic Finance Terms

Help students learn new finance words to help them become financial Super Heroes.

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Budget Worksheet

This printable worksheet allows kids to practice tracking their own spending and creating their own personal budgets.

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About the Writer

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James Asmus

Saving the Day writer James Asmus has been drafting comic books and other scripts for 10 years.

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