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Tooth Fairy Spending

This year, the going rate for a tooth in America is $3.40 – an 8% drop from the 2013 average ($3.70), according to a new nationwide survey conducted by Visa Inc. To help parents determine the amount to leave under their kids' pillows, Visa launched the free smartphone app Tooth Fairy Calculator available for iOS phones and iPads.




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How much will the Tooth Fairy leave under your child's pillow? Use this calculator to learn what children of similar demographics are receiving.

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Tooth Fairy App Available for iOS and Android

Not sure how much the Tooth Fairy should leave under your child's pillow? See what other parents of similar demographics are leaving kids from the Tooth Fairy.

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Tooth Fairy Spending Press Release

Visa's annual Tooth Fairy survey shows that American children are receiving an average of $3.40 per lost tooth this year, down 8% from last year.

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Visa Inc. 2014 Tooth Fairy Survey
The survey results are based on 3,000 telephone interviews conducted nationally from May 15 to May 18, 2014, in cooperation with GfK Roper’s Omnibus Service “OmniTel.”