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Practical Money Matters

Visa’s Practical Money Matters column delivers expert personal finance tips to consumers of all ages in English and Spanish. The article series has been syndicated nationwide in 500 U.S. newspapers and a Huffington Post blog. Topics include saving, budgeting, credit & debt, life events, taxes, retirement, insurance and more.

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Money Management for the "Boomerang" Household

Due to recent economic realities, multi-generational living has been on the rise for many A 2014 Pew Research Center analysis that a record 57 million Americans, equal to a little over 18 percent of the population, lived in multi-generational family households...

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Your Midyear Financial Checkup

Setting a few hours aside for a midyear financial checkup in June or July can help you review how you're doing with savings, investing, spending and It can give you the opportunity to spot irregularities and adjust your budget well in...

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Looking for Work? Plan a Money-Smart Job Search

A successful job search goes well beyond snagging the title and the From the day you start looking until the day you're hired, there are strategic and financial issues to consider that may be more valuable to you in the long...

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Planning a Wedding on a Budget

Should a dream wedding mean delaying a down payment on a home? That's a tradeoff many couples make these days. The Knot, a wedding planning and publishing company, recently released its Real Weddings Study of average wedding costs for 2014, announcing...

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A Guide to Travel Insurance

A sudden storm, a missed connection or a family emergency can turn a hard-earned vacation or important business trip into a big Travel insurance can save the day, but picking the right coverage requires research, cost comparison and above all, reading...

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Your Credit Score: Updates You Should Know

Credit scoring has evolved over the last three decades and this fall, FICO made one more important Borrowers who have struggled with medical debt and those with a limited credit history might see better FICO numbers in the Even if these...

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Resetting Your Retirement After Divorce

Retirement planning can face derailment after a Married, two-income couples have the advantage of splitting living expenses and pooling all their investment assets, including retirement Once the marriage is over, costs for separate households may limit the ability of ex-spouses to...

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Affording Fido: A Cost Checklist for a New Pet

Premium food, state-of-the-art veterinary care and creature comforts most humans would envy are now a regular part of life for many American That's why prospective pet owners should consider financial planning before bringing home a dog, cat or other breed of...

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Crowdfunding and Taxes: What You Should Know

Crowdfunding – the online method of raising money from people around the world – is less than a decade old, allowing artists, activists and a growing number of entrepreneurs to connect with financial support far outside the conventional lending how crowdfunding...

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Is Your Teen Ready for a Summer Job?

For many teens, there's nothing more exciting than receiving the first paycheck from a summer job – a sure-fire ticket to fun and It's also a great opportunity for parents to encourage proper money Parents or guardians need to do some...

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Involving Kids in Family Vacation Planning

Family vacations produce memories for a lifetime, but they can also teach kids great money lessons they'll need as Involving kids in planning family vacations not only helps them appreciate the overall benefits of travel, but offers an opportunity for even...

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FAFSA Primer: How to Navigate Through the College Aid Maze

If you're worried about paying for your child's college education, keep this statistic in mind: during the 2011-12 school year, the Department of Education reported that 85 percent of all full-time, four-year college students were receiving some form of financial planning...

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How to Avoid an Online Vacation Rental Scam

Imagine renting a home on a beautiful beachfront from a trusted website, arriving to start your vacation and finding out you've been scammed? This scenario reflects thousands of complaints placed with the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) last year involving local...

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Starting Roth IRAs for Your Grandkids

Many grandparents go above and beyond to offer financial help to adult children and If you're seeking to contribute to your grandkids' financial future, one option might involve opening a custodial Roth IRA on your grandchild's behalf as soon as he...

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Getting Serious? Five Important Money Questions to Ask

Valentine's Day is often a time to reflect on your relationship, and consider the next If your relationship is heading toward joint finances, it's essential to talk about it first – openly and 2014 survey by the National Endowment for Financial...

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