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Visa Takes Part in Mexico's Financial Literacy Week

Mexico’s National Financial Literacy week (October 23-26, 2015), where a large exhibition is held on the grounds of the Museo Tecnologico attended by banks, organizations and thousands of students to promote money management education. During the weeklong event in Mexico City, crowds of youth lined up to play Visa’s Finanzas Prácticas’ Financial Soccer (aka, Fútbol Fianciero), a free, FIFA World Cup-themed educational video game designed to teach the fundamentals of personal finance. Students also viewed a lively presentation of the comic created by Visa and Marvel, Avengers: Saving the Day. The program also included a personal finance theatre lesson from Professor Q, who teaches young people how to be smart with their money. Visa’s Vice President of Global Financial Education interview’s Visa Mexico’s Financial Education representative Rocio Garcia to talk about the the exhibition which was organized by CONDUSEF, a government agency dedicated to promoting financial education among the Mexican population. Visa’s partner, The Association of Banks of Mexico, ABM, AC, also participated in the exhibition.

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